• A cartoon shows 4 images. From left to right, the first is a young man with glasses holding a cane in one hand and a phone in the other. The phone shows the GoCC4All app. A portion of a map floats above his head. Second image: a phone that shows the app's registration screen. Third image: a map with a location marker pointing to the center of the map. Fourth image: a young woman holds a phone that shows the map. Text on the image, GoCC4All brings emergency alerts and TV captions to individuals who are deaf-blind
  • Indoors. On a sofa, a  mother and her daughter smile. The mother holds a tablet at chest height. The daughter is kneeling behind the mother's right shoulder and touches the screen of the tablet. Textat right over the image,
  • Image of an animated series. 2 children in pirate outfit stand on a sandbox. A shovel is on the ground, the kids rise their arms and look at a large diamond. Caption: ¡Lo logramos, si! Text next to the image

Our Projects

"Because everyone has an equal right
to all types of information."

TV Access for Everyone

Simplifying Availability of and
Access to media accessibility features


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Innovative Technology

Access to Emergency Alerts & live TV
captions for the deafblind community


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Accessible Media

Accesible media in Spanish for
Latin American audiences

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