Hold my hand and walk with me.
We must break the back of social inequity;
We must empower every individual with a disability
To live with dignity in an inclusive society.

William E. Lightbourne

Dicapta Foundation Priorities:

We believe our society is better when we all make the effort to provide inclusive environments for everybody. Usability for all means a higher quality of life for all.

True to our mission, we have identified three areas on where to focus our work-serving people with disabilities.


Accessible Media

Underwater. A turtle swims in a blue ocean. A school of fish swim in the background. At the top right the icons for AD and CC appear. A caption at the bottom of the image says "(male narrator) sea turtles swim in the deep sea."

Media is an important tool to educate, inform, entertain, and integrate people into society. That is why we make media accessible for people with sensory disabilities.

An example of our work is a digital platform, called Comprende, that offers accessible audiovisual content in Spanish to audiences of all ages and abilities. Comprende was created in collaboration with Latin American TV stations and governments.

The Dicapta Foundation’s original productions have been recognized and published by the United Nations and the World Summit on the Information Society due to its quality and contribution to the acknowledgement of diversity.

Now, in partnership with leading organizations from the TV industry and leading organizations that serve people with sensory disabilities, we are preparing to launch the first fully accessible television channel in the US: TVemos.


Innovative Technology

Indoors. Two circuit boards and a couple of electronic testing equipment are on a table. A person holds a test probe over a chip on one of the circuit boards.

Dicapta Foundation works with people with disabilities along with special educators and administrators to develop solutions using cutting edge technology to serve the needs of people with disabilities.

Our creations include:

- Assistive and instructional technology tools and strategies

- Open platforms where children with all abilities can work together in a real inclusive environment

- Second screen developments

- Customized media

- Hardware and software to make media accessible for everyone

Dicapta Foundation always works in partnership with leading organizations such as Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths & Adults - HKNC, National Center of Deaf-Blindness - NCDB, Perkins School for the Blind, Florida and Virgin Islands (FAVI) Deaf-Blind Collaborative, Lighthouse Central Florida, and DeafBlind Citizens in Action among others.

We have proudly received support from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research - NIDRR to fulfill one of our Innovative Technology projects: GoCC4All. 

With GoCC4All we provide deaf-blind individuals which a way to access TV subtitles and emergency information. Please visit GoCC4All website to learn more.  

Culturally Adapted Content

Indoors. A teenage girl and a boy are seated on a sofa. The girl has long brown hair and smiles looking at him. She holds her fists at chest height and has the left fist on top of the right fist. He looks at her and has his left fist on top of the right fist.We recognize the impact of having a disability or having a family member with disabilities. In addition to that, we understand that having language and cultural barriers make it even more difficult to navigate, for example, the health and educational systems.

Because of that, Dicapta Foundation creates content about disabilities and related resources, in English and Spanish, to provide relevant information in a nontechnical, easy-to-understand format. 

Our objective is to make it easier for people with disabilities and their families, regardless of their origin, to participate in the building of our society and to be included.